Alt. Environment Minister Tsironis: Our government will not sell the water companies

“The government sees water as a public good, and proceeded to the technical legislative actions that will ensure this”, Alternate Environment Minister Yiannis Tsironis said in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency.

“I can assure you that our government will not sell the water companies,” he stated.

Asked about the negotiations and the ‘thorny’ issue of labour, he said: “Every negotiation with the institutions is a battle as there is lack of convergence in many issues. However, I believe that the firm stance of our government will help us succeed.”

On the course of the economy and measures to support weak citizens, he said: “Official figures show a higher than estimated increase in revenues and this is not only the result of VAT but of the efforts to combat tax evasion.”
He added that the stabilization of the economy combined with the strengthening of social economy – which is a priority for the government – will give the necessary breath to enhance the Greek society as a whole.