Alt. Social Solidarity Min announces rent subsidy to over 300,000 families

Everyone who speaks of false promises will be proven wrong ahead of all the positive measures the government will bring, including a rent subsidy for more than 300,000 families, the widening of children’s allowance, which has been granted to 900,000 families and will continue to grow, Alternate Social Solidarity Minister Theano Fotiou said on Monday in an interview with ‘Sto Kokkino’ radio station.

“Social protection was estimated at 780 million euros when we were elected and has already been increased to 2.5 billion euros in conditions of economic suffocation,” Fotiou noted.

“All data on poverty released by Eurostat are based on 2016 income. Only in two years, our policies have decreased poverty in general and child poverty, among others,” she said.

In 2019, expenditure will reach well over 2 billion euros. “Children policies have raised the budget from 600 million euros to 1.3 billion euros… In 2019, 400 million euros are expected to be added only for the housing allowance … the fiscal room for 2019 will be nearly 1 billion euros,” she added.