Ambassador Pyatt: US following closely the case of the two Greek servicemen held by Turkey

The United States is following closely the case of the two Greek servicemen arrested by Turkey and is involved in the developments, US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt said at the Delphi Economic Forum on Friday.

In a discussion with Kathimerini journalist Alexis Papachelas, Pyatt said he had been in telephone contact with the US Deputy Secretary of State over the issue.

The two Greek servicemen were on patrol when they went off course, entering Turkish territory, and were arrested by Turkish authorities.

Further asked whether he is concerned about the possibility of an “accident” between Greece and Turkey, the American ambassador said he was concerned about an unintentional incident.

In a comment on Turkey’s obstruction of sea drilling in the Cyprus EEZ, Pyatt said that the US position is clear and it’s a matter of principle that the people of Cyprus develop the resources on their own continental shelf. “It’s not a company issue,” he noted.

The ambassador added that Greece and the US have a vital interest in Ankara’s remaining focused on the West and Europe.