Amendment for licencing of digital television stations passed by Parliament

An amendment tabled by the digital policy ministry for the issue of digital television station licences through a tender organised by the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) was passed by Parliament on Wednesday, with the support of ruling coalition MPs.

The amendment was opposed by main opposition New Democracy and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) while the Democratic Alliance, Centrists’ Union and Potami party abstained, voting ‘present’. Golden Dawn did not vote, having walked out at the start of the debate on the draft bill on recycling.

Among others, the amendment provides that licences will only be issued for general content, redefines the type of company allowed to bid in the tender to include any EU, EEA or Greek societe anonyme company and forbids the proclamation of additional licences for nationally broadcast digital television content providers for the duration that the licences issued are in force.

Existing television content providers that either do not participate in the tender or are unsuccessful in their bid to get a licence can continue broadcasting for up to three months after the successful bidders are announced.

The amendment also forbids any change in the programming and broadcasting range of existing content providers outside the licencing process