Amendment gives SDOE powers to investigate social security contribution evasion

The government has tabled an amendment in Parliament giving Greece’s financial crimes’ squad (SDOE) powers to investigate cases of undeclared and uninsured employment, the labour ministry announced on Wednesday.

The amendment has been attached to a finance ministry bill that is due to be voted on in the next few days, dealing with the ratification of an agreement for the exchange of reports between agencies in various countries.

The legislation was drawn up by the labour, social insurance and social solidarity ministry in collaboration with the finance ministry and seeks to strengthen mechanisms for controlling and investigating undeclared employment, with the SDOE assisting the work of the EFKA social insurance fund and the Labour Inspections Corps.

SDOE inspectors daily come across instances of labour law violations in the course of their work. The legislation aims to speed up the state’s response to such incidents, making the relevant procedures faster and easier.