Amendment to allow back suspended healthcare staff with just first dose of vaccine

Stricter penalties for those issuing or obtaining false Covid-19 certificates as well as a measure allowing suspended healthcare staff to return to work after just one dose of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus are included in a health ministry amendment, which has been attached to an interior ministry bill to be voted on later on Tuesday.

In particular, in addition to the other sanctions, an administrative fine of 5,000 euros is imposed on:

(a) anyone who attempts or succeeds in obtaining a vaccination certificate while not being vaccinated, or a fake certificate of infection with Covid-19, and

(b) any staff member or person assigned vaccination-related work who is involved in the issue of fake vaccination certificates.

Meanwhile, the amendment also allows the earlier lifting of forced unpaid suspension from work of public-sector staff who fail to meet mandatory vaccination requirements, allowing them to return immediately after just they get the first dose of a vaccine – provided that the vaccination cycle is completed within the prescribed time – instead of making them wait until 14 days after they are fully vaccinated with both doses, as applies at present.