Amendments extend tax filing to Sept 10, exempt 2018 fire-damaged properties from tax through 2021

Two amendments filed in Parliament by the Finance Ministry on Friday officially extend the deadline for filing taxes this year, as well as the exemption from property tax of homes and businesses damaged in 2018 fires.

The amendments were appended to a Labor and Environment Ministries bill, and the former had been announced already on August 3.

In the first one, the deadline to file annual taxes on 2020 earnings has been moved from August 3 to September 10. In addition, the installments to pay tax owed to the state have also been extended; the first two installments will not have to be paid until September 17.

In the second one, the properties damaged in the July 23-24, 2018 fires in Attica and Corinth Regions will be exempted from ENFIA property tax through 2021. According to the ministry, the extension was necessary because the repercussions of those fires have not been dealt with yet.