Amendments on taxes, social dividend and Mati reconstruction get wide party support in Parliament

Parliament passed four amendments by wide majority on Wednesday evening, two related to reductions in real estate tax (ENFIA) and in business profits, and another two related to the distribution of a social dividend and construction subsidies related to fire-destroyed Mati.

On specific amendments, party votes were as follows:

– The reduction of the tax rate on business profits passed by all parties except the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) which voted it down and Potami which voted “present”.

– The reduction of ENFIA passed by all parties except KKE and Potami, both of which voted “present”.

– The amendment related to clearing gutted buildings and rebuilding in Mati, destroyed by a fatal fire in July, passed by all parties except KKE which voted it down and Potami which voted “present”.

– The distribution of the social dividend passed by all parties except for Potami, voting “present”.

Earlier in Parliament, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos had said the reduction on ENFIA would be substantial for the working classes and for most of the middle class, while the business tax reduction was an important development given the large number of small enterprises in Greece.

“We had a lot of disagreements during the last year over the budget (and) the medium-term fiscal strategy, where the main opposition (New Democracy) said many things that have now been proved wrong,” he said. “It is true that we handed out a dividend in recent years and we have explained the reasons we have over-performance. This year we will hand out a dividend of approximately 710 million euros,” he added.