Anastasiades: The discovery of hydrocarbons has upgraded Greece and Cyprus’ role

Addressing the 2nd Euro-Arab Summit taking place in Athens, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades on Thursday said that growth that will create conditions for stability in the broader Mediterrenean region.

Anastasiades focused on terrorism, religious fundamentalism and conflicts as the root causes of the heightened refugee flows, as well as national conflicts and the economic crisis. “All the above should be met collectively and the causes that generate them must be eliminated,” he noted.

He underlined that “growth can create the political conditions for stability and investments and for strengthening individual sectors, such as energy.” He stressed that the aim of Mediterannean countries is proper management, tackling corruption and ensuring the rule of law.

Anastasiades also focused on combatting terrorism and promoting peace, noting that in globalised environment where all sides face the same challenges, it is necessary to strenghten the regional mechanism of growth with economic collaborations, investments and understanding.

Cyprus’ president made a special reference to cooperation between the countries of the region and the Arab world, asserting that “we must tackle the conflicts at regional and international level through UN and EU and the close cooperation with the Arab world or else we face the risk that this state will continue”.

Anastasiades said his vision for trilateral cooperations in the EU’s relations with the Arab world, with the establishment of a informal forum on the growth and safety in the region.

Referring to the Cyprus issue Anastassiades stated thet “the solution should be without engagements and external interventions,” while referring to the issue of hydrocarbons he underlined that “the discovery of hydrocarbons has upgraded Greece and Cyprus’ geostrategic role “.