And of an era for the traditional mailbox of ELTA

Replacing the traditional mailbox with an electronic inbox, the electronic payment of all bills and the digital availability of documents are all new services included in Hellenic Post’s future plans to digitally transform its product and be able to offer innovative and targeted services that will benefit both the customers and the company.

The new ideas were outlined by Hellenic Post CEO Elias Athanassiou during a presentation at the recent Delphi Economic Forum, who said that although the digitization of conventional services has affected the company’s revenue downwards, it also offers the postal services sector a good chance to use the new technologies to its advantage.

“All bills will be received through an application, collected in one place for the user to access,” Athanasiou said, through which the user will be notified of payment deadlines and from there proceed with payment. Athanassiou envisages that “Hellenic Post will take the lead in the digital distribution of documents.”

Four million customers visit Hellenic Post every month, either online or in physical outlets, equivalent to 40 percent of the Greek population, while 1,200 service points nationwide and specific software that handles mailed items means the customer will soon be able to choose how and where one wants an item delivered, “this could be at a petrol station, a 24-hour hotel or a smart mailbox in the subway system,” says the Hellenic Post CEO.

“Hellenic Post’s workforce is well-equipped with great abilities and potential, a crucial asset for re-designing the company’s business strategy,” Athanassiou concluded.