Angelos Binis proposed to head new Transparency Authority

The government is proposing that Angelos Binis, who has extensive experience in issues related to fighting corruption, as the head of the new Transparency Authority, government sources said on Wednesday.

A civil servant that has graduated from the National School for Public Administration, Binis has served in the General Accounting Office of State and the Public Administration Inspectorate, and since September 2015 has worked as a consultant-analyst on transparency and corruption issues for the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The sources noted that the new single transparency authority established under legislation for a lean, efficient state organisation for the first time transfers the powers and responsibilities of public administration inspection services to an independent authority.

“Both the transfer of the inspection authorities to an independent authority and by proposing that this authority be staffed by a public-sector technocrat with no party background indicate the government’s absolute commitment to a real institutional and operation depoliticisation of the control of corruption,” they added.