Anti-abortion ads removed from Athens metro

An anti-abortion advertising campaign was removed on Monday from Athens’ metro system by order of Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis, after public reaction.

In a statement, the transport ministry clarified that neither it nor the government were aware of this campaign and pointed out how it ran “against a fully enshrined and undeniable right of women.”

In particular, said the ministerial statement, “checking and approving the content of the ads posted on the metro is the sole responsibility of the Urban Rail Transport SA (STASY) administration, a task that must be exercised with responsibility and social conscience.”

“Campaigns in public spaces should not divide public opinion and most certainly not offend women who have had to make such a difficult choice in their lives. For this reason, the ministry called on the STASY administration to explain the rationale behind allowing such a campaign, then asked for its removal.”

In a post on social media, SYRIZA spokesman Alexis Charitsis commented on how “women’s right to abortion was legislated many years ago and is non-negotiable.”

“We must, therefore, not allow control over women’s choices via guilt-inducing misinformation,” he concluded.