Anti-racism bill to be submitted next week in Parliament

According to the president of the socialist party of PASOK immediately after the meeting at the Maximou Mansion “The anti-racism bill will be tabled next week” while he refuse to comment as to whether there will be changes in order to overcome the strong reactions of members of the ND and religious factors, stating that “the issue is handled by the Minister of Justice. ”

It is worth mentioning that the parts of the bill that received the most reactions are in the Article 2 which sought to integrate explicitly that is defined as the denial of the genocide of the Christians of the East (Pontious, Anatolian Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians), to the term ‘homophobia’ as well as to the possible extension of civil partnership and to couples of the same-sex.

If no further contingencies occur, the bill will be discussed in Parliament the following Monday and Tuesday.