Any dialogue with MFC must be preceded by ‘plain talk’, says Tzanakopoulos

The start of any sort of dialogue with the new Movement for Change (MFC) party would first have to start with some “plain talk on its side,” government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said on Sunday. Talking to the radio station ‘Real FM’, he pointed to the refusal of the MFC’s predecessor PASOK to engage in political self-criticism about the past and the part it had played in 2010-2015.

At this point there was no point in discussing a “structured dialogue,” he said, even though SYRIZA was “absolutely open” to discussion with those originating from the specific political area that acknowledged its political impasses and mistakes.

Such “plain talk”, according to Tzanakopoulos, must include a rejection of the choices made after 2011 that led to a “political identification” with New Democracy, admitting the need to reverse austerity and a clear stance on issues of corruption and institutional reforms of the Greek state.