Appeals court convicts Artemis Sorras and wife of embezzlement, orders arrest

Self-proclaimed billionaire Artemis Sorras and his wife were convicted by an appeals court in Patras on Friday of embezzlement and sentenced to eight years in prison and a five-year deprivation of political rights.

The sentence passed on Sorras is not suspended which means the court ruling will be send to the police which will issue arrest warrants. According to the plaintiff and attorney Fotis Lepidas, Sorras and his wife were not present at the trial, but asked the court for a postponement. The court denied the request saying the case had already received three.

The case concerns a luxury car which the two bought and then sold three times with authorizations and without paying the money.

Sorras, who claimed to have enough money to pay off Greece’s debt, is also being investigated for crimes for various felony charges relating to his political grouping “Assembly of Greeks” (Ellinon Synelefsis).