Appeals Court unanimously rejects Turkey’s third extradition request for eight servicemen

An Appeals Court in Athens rejected unanimously on Friday Turkey’s third extradition request for the eight servicemen who fled to Greece in July 2016, after the foiled attempted coup in the neighbouring country.

The court ruled that there are well-founded suspicions the eight army officials will not have a fair trial if they are returned to their country and furthermore that there is a risk they will “suffer torture and degrading behaviour”.

The judges also found that the new request sent by the Turkish authorities offers “no new evidence” on the first three of the eight charges presented, while the other five charges are “totally vague” and extradition is not allowed for them.

According to the Turkish authorities, the charges concern: attempt to abolish the government of the Republic of Turkey or prevent it from carrying out its mission, attempt to abolish constitutional order, attempt to abolish the Turkish National Assembly or obstruct it from carrying out its mission, participation in an armed terrorist organization, attempted murder, desertion to a foreign country, theft of military material, damage to military material.