Appointments for first-time vaccinations nearly doubled last week in Greece

Appointments for the first dose of the coronavirus vaccination rose by 185% last week compared to two weeks ago, Primary Health Care Secretary General Marios Themistocleous said on Monday.

Last week, the government announced further restrictions for unvaccinated people.

At a regular briefing, Themistocleous said the number of appointments two weeks ago were 60,000 and rose to 175,000 last week. For the booster shot (or third shot for the two-dose vaccines), over 30,000 appointments were made by Monday afternoon, for the first does, and over 55,000 for the booster shot.

In total, 61.2% of the general population has been fully vaccinated, he said, and 70.2% of the adult population.

The third shot of Moderna vaccines will start being administered on November 12. The booster shot is half a dose of the regular one, according to the European Medicines Agency guidelines.

Overall, a total of 460,000 citizens have been administered a booster shot, he said.

At the same briefing, the head of the National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou pointed out that a person who has completed vaccination six months ago is now in the same danger as someone who is unvaccinated. She added that the antibodies tests currently used were not designed to evaluate immunity levels and may mislead a person who thinks they have enough antibodies for protection.