Arab-Hellenic Chamber to hold “Doing Business in the Arab World” Workshop on March 22

The Arab-Hellenic Chamber will organise the 2nd Workshop “Doing Business in the Arab World” on March 22, 2018, at the Divani Caravel hotel.

The aim of the workshop is to promote entrepreneurship by providing the Greek business community with a deep knowledge of the cultural characteristics that prevail in the Arab world and information on the business and investment opportunities available in Arab markets.

The first session, dedicated to Business Culture in the Arab World, includes speeches and presentations by Arab Ambassadors accredited in Greece, who will discuss with the public about the culture, customs and traditions in their countries of origin and will present business and investment opportunities.

The purpose of the second session, dedicated to Business in the Arab World, is to provide the Greek public with important and practical information on the regulations and procedures associated with the establishment of operations in the Arab world and the ways in which one can take advantage of the available investment opportunities. The speakers at this session will be Greek businessmen accredited in the Middle East and North African countries, who will share the expertise they have gained during their stay in these countries.

Sessions will be followed by B2B meetings between Greek entrepreneurs and their Arab counterparts. Temporary lists of Arab participants include businessmen from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq (Baghdad and Erbil), Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen.