Ariadne Airport Group wins contract for Casteli airport

Greek Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis on Tuesday signed a ministerial decision officially declaring Ariadne Airport Group as provisional winner of an concession contract for the study, construction, funding, operation, maintenance and management of a new international airport in Crete, along with the construction and funding of road networks related with the project.
Ariadne Airport Group is a joint venture by Terna SA and GMR Airports Group.

In comments made, Spirtzis said the project paved the way for large third generation projects in the country and was a vote of confidence in the national economy and the country.

“The investment in Casteli is made with safeguarding public interest and local societies, under transparency and efficiency regulations. The Greek state acquires a significant asset: It drastically raises its equity participation in the company that will build and operate the new airport,” the Greek minister said.

The airport investment is budgeted at more than 850 million euros, of which 180 million will be state funds. The state will also collect a 2.0 pct of gross revenue of the airport, while the project will create 1,000 job positions during construction, 500 permanent job positions during operations and hundreds of new jobs from new commercial infrastructure.