Arrested fugitive Maziotis to be questioned at the hospital

Extreme leftist fugitive Nikos Maziotis is meeting with the counter-terrorist squad for the second time in less than 48 hours since his arrest in a shootout following a failed robbery in downtown Athens. Delegates from the Special Violent Crimes Squad (DAEEB) are heading to Evangelismos hospital where Mr. Maziotis is held to further question him about his activities as head of the urban guerilla group Revolutionary Struggle.

Hopes for more information are scant as Mr. Maziotis has been known for keeping tight-lipped regarding his activities. He is currently being held under armed guard at the 8th floor of Evangelismos hospital after undergoing surgery on the shoulder injury he suffered during the shootout that lead to his capture. In hospital, he has already met with his attorneys and relatives, who were the first to visit him following his arrest.

Police say that they have searched homes across Athens in a hunt for accomplices who aided Mr. Maziotis over the last two years in robberies and other attacks. At the top of the list is his partner, Paula Roupa, who is still at large. Ms. Roupa had disappeared in 2012 along with Mr. Maziotis when they both violated their conditional release after charges in April 2010 for participating in the group, Revolutionary Struggle. For those charges, Mr. Maziotis had been given a 50-year sentence.

Last night, an Athens prosecutor read Mr. Maziotis a series of charges that include repeated attemped manslaughter, illegal firearm possessions, violations related to explosives, holdups while in disguise, one of which resulted in grievous bodily harm, participation in a criminal group, stealing of and falsifying official documents and arson. An examining magistrate will call Maziotis to testify.