ASE event to welcome ADMIE Holdings in the market

“The government opted to maintain state control in the regulated monopoly of high-voltage electricity energy grids, as it is of national importance to Greece, with the aim to safeguard energy supply,” Environment and Energy Minister George Stathakis said.

Addressing an event to mark the listing of ADMIE Holding’s shares in the Athens Stock Exchange, Stathakis said ADMIE Holdings (the main shareholder of ADMIE with a 51 pct equity stake) is the first state enterprises to be listed in the stock exchange after 11 years. The Greek minister underlined the multiple benefits from ADMIE Holding’s listing in the market, such as supporting ADMIE’s new, ambitious, strategic growth plan, offering PPC shareholders shares of ADMIE Holdings and listing of another company in the market.

“The event underlines the country’s opening to foreign strategic investments in the energy sector, which enters into a new development phase in the framework of new data of a single European market. Our aim is Greece to become a strong player in a new energy environment formed in Europe,” Stathakis said.

ADMIE Holdings is a 100 pct subsidiary of Public Power Corporation. PPC will transfer its share in ADMIE Holdings to its current shareholders (the Greek state with 51 pct and Silchester Group with 13.8 pct).