At this stage all sides seem to work constructively, gov’t spokesman estimates

The successful conclusion of the programme will provide great growth momentum to the Greek economy, and primary surpluses may be achieved without additional measures, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said in an interview with Alpha radio.

“What is also important is the distribution of wealth in the Greek society. There will be a budget space of 5 billion to 6 billion euros by 2020 or 2021, which we will allocated to the social policy and support for the welfare state,” he underlined.

Asked on the Eurogroup, he said that the aim of the Greek government is clear.

“We want a clear-cut solution, the determination of the medium-term measures on the debt and specific measures for growth that will contribute to the recovery of the Greek economy, which is already recovering, but this recovery is fragile because of the uncertainty. Therefore the climate of uncertainty must stop once and for all on June 15 and the conditions exist for this to happen,” he stated.

As for the differences between institutions on the Greek debt issue, he said that “an effort is being made to bridge the differences between Europe and the IMF regarding the medium-term debt measures that are necessary to make debt sustainable for all institutions, including the ECB, and move on to the conclusion of the current programme so that in August 2018, we will be able to refinance our debt from the markets and without the support from the official sector.”

Finally, he estimated “that at this stage all sides seem to work constructively.”