Athena RIC research centre to found Pharma-Informatics unit

The Athena Research and Innovation Centre (RIC) on Thursday announced plans to found a Pharma-Informatics Unit proposed by the centre’s head Prof. Yannis Ioannidis and approved by the centre’s board.

The new unit will focus on all IT and computing aspects of developing new drugs, from their discovery through to their approval and use in clinical practice. The unit’s researchers will base their work on creating models of experimental data (in vitro and in vivo) and simulating drug processes in people and lab animals.

It is already seeking relevant national and international research programmes to carry out and will seek to cooperate with Greek and international pharmaceutical industries, in the hope of providing new impetus and prospects to the domestic pharmaceutical industry.

A first public event to brief executives of Greek and multinational drug companies, hospital dispensaries, the National Organisation for Medicines and researchers in the pharmaceuticals field, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, will be held at the Athens War Museum on February 17.