Athens mayor George Kaminis to visit Skopje in near future

It’s about time the people of Greece and FYROM “get to know each other better,” Athens Mayor George Kaminis said in an interview to FYROM’s national broadcaster MIA following a meeting in Athens with Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov.

“It’s about time the two peoples became better acquainted,” Kaminis was reported as saying, and noted that the two mayors were connected by their social democratic outlook and their willingness to collaborate.

“We want to show popular opinion of both countries that the mayors of the two capitals can talk and cooperate. This breaks down stereotypes and isolates extreme voices that may exist in both countries, and we collaborate on issues of mutual interest and on issues that relate to our cities,” Kaminis said.

Both mayors share an interest in issues relating to the environment, digital technology, city planning, and civil society. If they agree on a memorandum of understanding, this will be signed when he visits Skopje, Kaminis said. Although a date has not been set yet, the visit will take place “within the next few weeks,” he added.

Asked whether he will wait to see developments in the negotiations over the FYROM name before paying a visit to the city, the mayor of Athens responded, “No. You see, we have separated these issues entirely. The train is on track and moves forward.”