Athens mayor opposes new state company coordinating council projects

Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis heavily opposed on Thursday a draft bill allowing for the introduction of a state company that will oversee local government building projects.

Addressing a city council meeting, Kaminis said “governments in Greece are turning into municipalities instead of municipalities being turned into small governments,” as seen elsewhere in Europe.

This is a draft bill that hampers the role of the council in a law that has been hastily put together and has an introductory report that is not even half a page long, said Kaminis.

His comments come after State Minister Alekos Flambouraris and Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis backed the draft law currrently being debated by a parliamentary committee, saying its role will be to coordinate new projects. They dismissed claims from opposition parties that the company is being set up by the government to provide work to friends of the party.

“We are of the logic that studies must be implemented and particular action must be taken in order to avoid further problems at the Athens city council,” said Flambouraris.

On Friday, Kaminis will address the parliamentary committee examining the legislation.