Athens Medical Group and Genesis Athens inaugurated a new clinic in Bucharest

Athens Medical Group and Genesis Athens inaugurated a new clinic, “Medsana-Genesis Athens” in Bucharest, Romania, offering gynecological and vitro fertilization services.

“The inauguration of Medsana-Genesis Athens clinic coincide with the completion of 20 years of Medsana’s successful presence in Romania, while at the same time it signals the beginning of our further expansion in the local market with the set up of specialized centers of offering high-level services, creating added value for Romania and its citizens,” Dr Vasilis Apostolopoulos, chief executive of Athens Medical Group said during the inauguration ceremony.

“The new endeavor of Athens Medical Group was made in cooperation with Genesis Athens and seeks to cover any gaps in the Romanian market by incorporating the high know-how of Medsana and Genesis Athens. Our group is a leader in health services in Greece. We are ready to begin the trip to further expand activities in Romania,” Dr Apostolopoulos said.

Athens Medical Group was founded 32 years ago. In Romania, it already operates three Medsana medical centers, two in Bucharest and one in Ploesti. Another subsidiary, Medsana Bucharest Medical Center operates three diagnostics centers in Romania and plans to build a modern private hospital with a capacity of around 150 beds. Medsana is steadily among the top 10 best foreign investments in Romania in the last few years.