Athens Medical Group gets ISO certification for its quality management systems

All clinics of Athens Medical Group have certified to the EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for their quality management systems and for adopting a functional administrative and clinical model for the provision of health services that has risk management as its main axis.

“In this way, Athens Medical Group was able to identify risks through its experience, recognise risks documented in the international bibliography and redesign the quality management system,” an announcement said.

As a result, Athens Medical Group’s quality policy was able to incorporate the following elements:

– risk assessment
– documented information
– a single operating framework for the organisation
– management of processes contracted out to external associates
– emphasis on responsibility and commitment in management
– quality control

“Certification to the standard EN ISO 9001:2015 crowns a constant effort by Athens Medical Group to ensure top quality health services. With constant training in the most modern administrative and clinical standards, all of us at the Group have adopted and daily implement the best practices for avoiding accidents, for the environment and, above all, for excellent service and for complete provision of healthcare services to patients, in all aspects of our daily life. We thus consolidate a strategy for being at the forefront, while at the same time serving our constant goal to make our country a destination for medical tourism,” Athens Medical Group Vice-Chairman Christos Apostolopoulos said.

The inspection was carried out by TÜV HELLAS-TÜV Nord, with certifications approved by Germany’s DAkks accreditation body and the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD.