Athens Metro staff and trolleybus workers on 24-hour strike on Friday

Athens Metro staff called a 24-hour strike for Friday to protest the draft omnibus bill, they said on Wednesday.

The strike will affect lines 2 and 3 (red and blue lines).

The bill “surrenders to Greece’s creditors anything left over from the public assets, along with the last hopes for a dignified life for working people,” the staff said in an announcement, claiming the government was “trying to abolish in practice the right to strike by requesting a majority vote among workers.

Also, there will be no trolleybuses running in Athens on Friday due to a 24-hour strike declared by the trolleybus workers’ union in protest against the draft omnibus bill tabled in Parliament. The mammoth bill legislates for a series of measures and reforms that are among the prior actions needed to complete the third review of Greece’s programme.

Among others, the union objects to measures that remove obstacles to the auctioning of working-class homes, mandatory arbitration to settle labour disputes and measures that it says restrict the right to strike.