Athens Newspaper Headlines: Saturday 19/11 edition

The Saturday edition of Athens’ dailies at a glance:

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: A backdoor to mass layoffs

ROAD OF THE LEFT: The sentinels of globalization

DEMOKRATIA: No tax reductions in car levy

ETHNOS: The 10 secrets of mobility

ESTIA: International interest for NPLs

AFGHI: Agreement in two phases

EFIMERITHA TON SYNTAKTON: Goal in revenues, extension in labour rights

KATHIMERINI: Troika convenes, Athens in suspense

TA NEA: NPLs are a bomb in the foundations

PARAPOLITIKA: Famous embezzlers in prison

RIZOSPASTIS: Mobilisation-readiness of the people ahead of the fiery attack

KARFI: Samaras, Venizelos digging the pit for ND and PASOK

KONTRANEWS: German occupation in Europe is ending