Athens Newspaper Headlines: Sunday 16/10 edition

The Sunday edition of Athens’ dailies at a glance

AVGHI: With vision and realism

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: The fourth memorandum and the Grexit ghost.

EPOCHI: Fruitful dialogue, active concern

ETHNOS: Changes on the insured participation in medicines

KATHIMERINI: Tsipras’ (Alexis, prime minister) impasses and a country in limbo.

KYRIAKATIKI DIMOKRATIA: Drachma and new painful measures.

PARON: Obama’s (Barack, US president) intervention for the debt!

REAL NEWS: Tsipras calls Obama for the debt.

RIZOSPASTIS: All to the battle. No compromise with the antipopular attack

TO VIMA: Democracy of the black (in TV channels)