Athens Newspaper Headlines: Sunday 26/12 edition due to national holiday

The Sunday edition of Athens’ dailies at a glance (Sunday papers were issued on Saturday this week due to the March 25 national holiday)

AVGHI: European Union or Roman arena.

DIMOKRATIA: Erdogan paranoid and a narcissist

DOCUMENTO: Raikou …forgot evidence about Yiannos and Liakounakos.

ELEFTHERIA TOY TYPOY: Bombshell for Tsipras

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: The bombshell they are hiding in Brussels.

EPOCHI: Why are you celebrating Europe?

ESTIA: The unknown Bouboulina

ETHNOS: A time of judgement for the political agreement.

KATHIMERINI: Europe at a crucial crossroads.

KONTRA NEWS: The whole truth about Greece’s oil

PARON: Plan to overthrow Tsipras.

PROTO THEMA: Nothing to change with Schulz

REAL NEWS: Gabriel’s double message to Athens: ‘In June it will be worse’.

RIZOSPASTIS: 20th KKE conference. Its work starts on Thursday.

TO VIMA: Tsipras fell into his trap.