Athens Newspapers Headlines: Saturday 21/01 edition

The Saturday edition of Athens dailies at a glance

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: Additional social security contributions for free lancers

DROMOS TIS ARISTERAS: Another road is feasible

DIMOKRATIA: In favour of gays

ETHNOS: Five ‘burning’ changes for freelancers

ESTIA: Two years of total degradation

AVGHI: An agreement on the horizon as Schauble and Lagarde seem to come to an agreement

EFIMERIDA: What will folllow the Trump governance

KATHIMERINI: Change of era

TA NEA: Compromise formula

PARAPOLITIKA: 9 pct gap between New Democracy and SYRIZA and is further widening

RIZOSPASTIS: Unemployment on the rise for the benefit of the capital

NAFTEMPORIKI: A spike on free lancers’ social security contributions

IMERISIA: Real Estate crash