Athens-Sounio highway shutting down for nearly a month after structural damage in tunnels

Traffic will be halted on the Athens-Sounio highway as of 20:00 on Wednesday for at least 20 days, following structural issues in the Loubarda tunnels that connect Varkiza and Agia Marina on the coast.

The tunnels are also known as “Trypes tou Karamanli”, or “holes (in the mountain)” constructed by the then prime minister to allow Athenians easier access to the coast.

Attica Region Director Giorgos Patoulis issued the order, which also foresees traffic diversion through Evelpidon Avenue, N. Papagiannopoulou (Kitsi settlement), and Agia Marina Avenue. Related notices will be set up at critical junctures of the highway, such as “Pigadakia” and “Yabanaki”, along with flashing overhead signage and alternative routes posted on the region’s site.