Athens to welcome New Year with celebrations in Thisio

Athens will usher in the New Year with music, dancing and other celebrations which will be held at the pedestrian walkway of Apostolou Pavlou in Thisio, as of 22:00.

Two stages will host alternating bands and artists who will talk to the audience and each other. On the small stage, the first artists will be Marietta Fafouti and Marina Rizou. On the large stage facing the Acropolis, the first band to play will be “Dreamy Whispers”, after whom actors Smaragda Karydi and Thodoris Atheridis will present a show welcoming the New Year.

A few minutes before midnight, Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis will come on stage for the traditional countdown, which will be followed by a fireworks show. The music will continue until 01:00 when singer-songwriter Kostis Maraveyas will take to the stage with the municipal “Big Band”.