Athens Trade Association welcomes CoS rulling on Sunday shop opening laws

A ruling by the Council of State on Monday which found that a ministerial decision allowing shops to open on Sunday in three regions in Greece was unconstitutional halts the unequal competition facing Greek small and medium-sized businesses from multinationals, the president of the Athens Trade Association said on Tuesday.

“We welcome the decision of the top court which vindicates our position on the important issue of the operation of shops on Sundays,” Nikolaos Koyioumtsis said. “The decision of the CoS […] puts the breaks on the aspirations of multinational groups which, through the full liberalization of the 52 Sundays, imposed an unequal competition on small small and medium-sized businesses.”

Koyioumtsis noted also that the problem for the retail sector is not opening hours but incentives in taxation, social security contributions, liquidity and generally a friendly business environment that will attract investments and not force them to leave the country.