ATHEX: The goals of new CEO Giannos Kontopoulos

The creation of an attractive environment of the capital market with a continuous stream of new listings and raising capital, overcoming the vicious cycle of low liquidity and the lack of IPOs, is the main goal of the new CEO of the Athens Stock Exchange, Giannos Kontopoulos.

He stated this at an event of acquaintance with high-ranking executives of the financial and business field and with executives of the investment community of the country.

The new CEO of the Athens Stock Exchange Group, shared his first thoughts for the Group’s next page, emphasizing that the next initiatives should revolve around three critical axes:

– The first concerns the guarantee of the uninterrupted operation of the Stock Exchange, as the ATHEX is a strategic pillar, necessary for the optimal operation of the market and the economy, with a major focus that this pillar remains stable and reliable.

– The second axis focuses on investing in technology, aiming to create services and products that, giving added value to the group’s customers, will meet their needs and expectations.

– The third and perhaps most important goal – as outlined by the new CEO – is to expand turnover, by attracting new companies and new investors.

The president of the Athens Stock Exchange Group, Mr. Hantzinikolaou, pointed out that the change of leadership comes at a crucial moment for the Stock Exchange, but also for the Greek economy: “After a long crisis, the country is entering a period of growth, which it needs more than any other, in order to regain the wealth lost in the last decade. Our ambition is for the Stock Exchange to be another important source of financing for development, especially for the business sector,” he said, adding: “Our goal is to make the Stock Exchange a source of capital for Greek companies, an attractive environment for the placement of part of the investors’ savings and a reliable means for foreign investors to invest in our country.”