Attiki Odos addresses shortage of e-pass devices for tolls

A global shortage in e-pass devices for use at tolls has made their supply difficult in Greece and the managing company of Attiki Odos apologised to drivers on Wednesday.

Until the supply is restored, Attiki Odos said, it would “distribute the devices as usual to all new subscribers to programs with the highest discounts, of over 30%: Bonus, Friendly, and Business Programs that serve daily and frequent users.”

Non-frequent users who sign up for the Express program will get electronic passes that guarantee the 8.9% discount (from 2.80 euros to 2.55 euros per use), instead of the electronic devices, it said. For this particular program, drivers will need to use the lanes with ticket collectors, but the transaction is touchless and fast, and the cards may be recharged online.

Drivers whose devices need replacement are being served normally, Attiki Odos said, adding that it is trying to find alternative suppliers for the e-pass devices overall until the situation returns to normalcy.
According to their data, Attiki Odos has supplied close to 1,292,000 e-pass devices since 2003.