Attiko Metro tunnel boring machine reaches ‘Dimotiko Theatro’ station in Piraeus

A significant milestone for Athens’ underground metro system was reached on Wednesday, when the Attiko Metro tunnel-boring machine (TBM) finally arrived at “Dimotiko Theatro” metro station in the heart of Piraeus.

The extension of line 3 from Agia Marina to Piraeus marks the “start of the end” for a hugely significant public works project, both for Piraeus and for the rest of Attica. The 7.55 kilometre stretch of tracks will serve an estimated 132,000 commuters each day and cut travel times from Athens international airport to Piraeus port to just 45 minutes.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis, who was present for the TBM’s arrival, noted that it was a “day of joy” for Piraeus. The event was also attended by Attiko Metro’s leadership, local mayors and a number of MPs. The particular metro extension is expected to start operating fully in 2021, though the first three stations will open for use in 2019.