August 22 power outage not the result of human error, ADMIE report says

The power outage on August 22 was the result of a freak accident and not human error, the Greek power transmission system operator ADMIE announced on Monday. According to an analysis carried out at ADMIE’s laboratory, the problem was caused by a short circuit and explosion within a switch in the off position – an extremely rare event that was effectively impossible to predict or detect in advance.

“That the problem was found in the interior of the switch made it essentially impossible to detect the fault in advance and confirms that the fault was an extremely rare event, based on the statistical figures of the International Council on Large Electrical Systems (CIGRE),” the announcement said.

The company said it would be bring in an independent expert from abroad to determine whether further action should be taken against the manufacturer of the switch.

It noted that regular inspections of the system were carried out before the summer and additional emergency inspections on August 24-30, without finding any problems.