Austria registers 20-30 pct increase in bookings to Greece for the summer of 2018

Guaranteed Austrian airport bookings for Greece are showing a sharp increase for the summer of 2018, said two of the largest Austrian travel companies, TUI Austria and Rewe Austria Touristik, on Wednesday.

According to Rewe, there is a 30 pct increase in guaranteed seats on airplane bookings for the summer of 2018, while TUI has registered a 20 pct increase in the same.

Greece was the leading destination for Tui Austria clients this summer, bringing the company a 25 pct increase in turnover from Greece, compared to 2016 figures.

Both tour organisations said that terrorism threats and natural catastrophes did not prevent Austrians from travel abroad, but that Austrians continue to avoid Turkey and show preference for Greece and Spain.

TUI will offer 360 flights to destinations abroad in the summer of 2018, a rise of 6 pct over last summer – of these, 103 are to Greece.

In terms of arrivals to Greece, Austria has the highest arrival ratio in terms of population to tourists to Greece – 400,000 Austrians travel to Greece on average every year, from a population of 8.7 million.