Authorities to charge Sorras with hate crimes for statements about Paralympic athletes

Greek prosecuting authorities on Friday announced that self-proclaimed billionaire and aspiring politician Artemis Sorras is to face charges under anti-racism legislation for comments regarding Paralympic athletes.

A first-instance court prosecutor will charge Sorras with multiple counts of inciting hatred through racist speech for comments and interviews regarding the athletes taking part in the Paralympic Games that have appeared on the internet. They include an interview given by Artemis Sorras on September 8 on a website where, among others, he said it was an “insult” to see “cripples conducting Paralympics” and a Facebook post about the interview on the following day, in which he insisted that he will not take back “one word” of what he said about the athletes and repeated that the Paralympics “that the beasts imposed on our planet” are “a huge insult and sacrilege for all Greeks.”

The case is to be tried before a misdemeanours court with a direct summons to be sent to the accused.
Sorras, who is the founder of a political grouping called “Assembly of the Greeks,’ is currently also under investigation for encouraging citizens not to pay their debts to the tax office and social insurance funds.