Authorities transfer 75 people from Moria hotspot to accommodation in rented rooms and hotels

Only 75 individuals from the snow-filled Moria hotspot had been provided with alternative accommodation in rented rooms and hotels in Lesvos on Tuesday. The UN High Commission for Refugees had on Monday announced that 130 vulnerable asylum seekers, mainly families with children living in tents, will be found alternative lodgings during the cold snap that covered the refugee and migrant camp in snow.

The non-profit organisation “Iliaktida” working with the UNHCR had secured 100 beds since Sunday but despite the very cold conditions, many of these had only started to be used on Monday afternoon. The same group also arranged for another 250-odd beds in hotels and rented rooms but these have not been used by the UNHCR, which is responsible for managing this short-term accommodation programme funded by the European Union.

In the meantime, migration policy ministry officials have been in Moria since Monday, opening up areas that were previously closed in order to house women, single-parent families, families with children, old people and persons with mobility problems. The aim is to ensure that over the next few days, no refugee or migrant that has been registered and has applied for asylum is living in a tent. Over the next few hours, the last 13 refugee children will be transferred from the Moria hotspot and handed over to the care of NGOs, at which point the containers used to house them will be freed to install those currently living in tents.