Avoiding long lines for transport e-cards: Documents can be dropped off at stations as on Monday

Passengers using any of the Athens urban system (OASA) means who want to avoid long lines and receive the new electronic transport cards at home – which they can then charge at a subway station – may submit the needed paperwork in an unsealed envelope at any subway station, as of Monday.

The documents needed to be issued an electronic card are as follows:

a. A recent photo, the same type as those used for Greek passports or Greek police IDs

b. A photocopy of an official document showing their AMKA health insurance number

c. A photocopy of their current OASA-issued transport card along with the current paid coupon for October, or a previous month within 2017

d. A printout of their online application and QR code issued through the urban transport organisation (OASA) site, www.athenacard.gr

On the unsealed envelope, a passenger must include his or her name and the address of preference (home, work) where the e-card will be sent. This should include the postal code. This envelope can then be dropped off at any subway station during its hours of service.

The process will facilitate the replacement of the approximately 300,000 paper cards in current use.