Baby monk seal lying on Halkidiki beach was an orphan

A baby monk seal that was seen sunbathing on a Halkidiki beach was an orphan,Mom biologist Stella Adamantopoulou said to the Athens Macedonian News Agency.

“We decided to intevene because the 3-4 weeks old monachus monachus seal was outside the water, lying and screaming on the beach for approximately 24 hours, something very dangerous for a baby seal,” said Adamantopoulou.

Despite information saying that the mother of the baby seal was in the area, its remaining for such a long time outside the water worried us. We rushed to the site and found out that the male baby seal was at the first stage of malnutrition. We made all necessary tests at the Veterinary School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and afterwards the baby seal was sent to Mom’s first aid in Spata, Attica region, where it will remain until it reaches 50kg weight and then we will released it.

The baby seal weighs 24 kilos and we give him a special nutrition, said chief of Mom rescue team Alexandros Karamanlidis adding that the baby seals are fed exclusively by their mothers for the first six months of their life.