Ban on travel to or through forested areas is extended to Aug. 20

A travel ban on forests, national parks, EU Natura-designated sites and city groves introduced by the government on August 5 will be extended to 06:00 on August 20, authorities said on Thursday.

Moving in or driving through these forested areas or remaining in them is banned, to prevent fires during a very dry season that contributed to massive and destructive fires starting August 3 and continuing to the present.
The same law act bans any work or leisure activity that may start a fire, such as welding and burning any material, acts carrying a penalty of up to 10,000 euros.

Currently hundreds of foreign firefighters are working with their Greek colleagues to put out 106 new forestfires, that broke out from 19:00 on Wednesday to 19:00 on Thursday (today). At the same time, the battle to contain and put out the fires in Evia, Ilia/Gortynia, Laconia and Mt. Parnitha continue, with the help of volunteers as well, the Greek Armed Forces, and local authorities.