Barba Stathis announces cooperation with “Together for the Child”

Barba Stathis, a subsidiary of Virartia and member of MIG Group, on Monday said it implemented -in cooperation with “Together for the Child”- a program to cover the Union’s food needs, as part of its corporate social responsibility actions and on the occassion of a World Food Day.

Barba Stathis created a video highlighting the nutrition benefits of vegetables. The video was projected on youtube and on Barba Stathis’ Facebook page, urging users to spread the message of proper nutrition. Barba Stathis will offer 10,000 kg of vegetables for the daily food needs of the children supported by “Together for the Child” union.

“Together for the Child” is a non-profit union working since 1996 for the prosperity of more than 30,000 children annually of which 10,000 on a systematic basis.

Barba Stathis is based in Thessaloniki and is a leader in the Greek market.