BAT Hellas begins Job Center initiative in Greece

British American Tobacco Hellas, in cooperation with the municipality of Athens, began operation of a job center in Athens -the first such initiative in Greece- with the aim to return vulnerable social groups back to the labour market.

A total of 15 citizens passed through interviews in the first week of operation of the job center. The Job Center offers a significant number of job positions and services including private meetings with specialists on humar resources and psychology issues, psycho-social support groups, vocational training laboratories in cooperation with possible employers, employment agencies and social agencies.

“The start of the Job Center signals the beginning of this new mechanism with international standards aimed to combat unemployment and will offer not only consultancy services, but will link participants with the labour market. Beyond the value we give to all our activities daily, we though it was necessary to contribute in efforts to deal with one of the biggest problems facing the country, offering this model tool,” Stefanos Dianellos, corporate relations manager in BAT Hellas said on Thursday.

BAT Hellas is one of teh top companies in the Greek tobacco market. It belongs to BAT plc, an international group operating more than 100 years, employing more than 50,000 workers and offers a product range of more than 200 commercial brands, distributed to more than 200 markets.