Bekatorou reported offence that is not statute-barred, sources say

According to credible sources, veteran Olympic champion Sophia Bekatorou has provided evidence that can be used to initiate a criminal prosecution, in her testimony on Wednesday to the public prosecutor conducting a preliminary examination into her allegations of sexual abuse.

For more than three hours, Bekatorou, the first key witness in the prosecution’s investigation, testified to Prosecutor Nikos Stafanatos.

The sources said that she has named another sailing athlete who may be the victim of sexual abuse. The criminal act against her teammate is said to have been committed at a time when the offense was not statute-barred.

Therefore, the athlete to whom Bekatorou referred will be immediately summoned by the prosecutor to testify, in order to confirm Bekatorou’s allegations and may in turn lead to the “next link in the chain” of violent and degrading behaviours targeting career athletes by federation officials.