Bids for 10-year Greek bond issue surpass 18 bln euros, as Greece raises 2.5 bln euros

International capital markets offered another vote of confidence to the Greek economy on Wednesday by expressing strong investment interest in a reopening of a 10-year Greek state bond. Bids submitted surpassed 18 billion euros and Greece raised 2.5 billion euros from the market. The interest of the issue was set at 1.23 pct.

Greek authorities took advantage of a favourable climate prevailing in international capital markets with the reopening of its latest 10-year bond issue (launched in June 18 with an interest rate of 1.5 pct). Public Debt Management Organization has set a target for issuing bonds worth 4-8 billion euros for this year, but after the pandemic it raised this ceiling to 9.5 billion euros. It has raised 7.5 billion euros in bond issues so far this year.