Bill on Greek deal with lenders reaches plenum; vote expected on Thursday night

The draft bill on the prior actions agreed between the Greece and its lenders as part of the second program review was sent to the parliament’s plenum on Wednesday, after a debate in the committees earlier this week.

The debate will be completed late on Thursday, when the prime minister and the leaders of the opposition will address parliament.

The bill was approved in principle by the government coalition of SYRIZA and ANEL and on the articles by the majority in the relevant parliamentary committees on Tuesday night.

The articles were approved by SYRIZA and ANEL while New Democracy and Potami said they will decide on individual articles at the plenum debate. The Communist Party said it will vote against all the articles except article 71, which repeals the tax deductions for lawmakers. The Democratic Coalition said it will only approve the article on changes to the VAT paid by farmers (article 70). The Centrists’ Union will approve articles 70 and 71.

In a late amendment tabled on Tuesday night, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos included top judicial officials in the changes of article 71.